Frequently asked questions

Q.I have ten mole hills in my garden does it mean I have ten moles?

No,The number of mole hills does not reflect on the number of moles,it is most likely that in a small   garden just one mole has caused the damage.

Q.Will the moles eat my plants and vegtables?

Moles are carnivorous and feed mainly on earth worms and grubs.However the tunnels they create below the plants can remove the soil from the roots which may cause some plants to wilt, yellow or die.

Q.Do you use poison to get rid of the moles?

No, I do not use any poisons or gases.I only use approved humane traps for all my mole control work.

Q.Can you catch moles alive and release them elsewhere?

Although live catch traps are available and legal, they are considered inhumane. This is because moles have a very high metabolic rate and need to consume 70 to 100% of their body weight in worms and grubs each day.If the mole survives the stress of being caught in a live trap then it may actually have starved to death by the time it is discovered and released. I would not reccomend the use of live traps for moles.

Q.How much will it cost to trap the moles in my garden?

This is the question everyone wants to know, however there is no definitve answer as each situation is different and depends on the size of the area to be cleared. I will carry out a free no obligation on site survey and advise you on the price there and then, If I don’t catch your problem mole, then no fee is charged.

Q.How long will it take to catch my mole?

In an average sized garden I will place traps on day one then return the next day to inspect or remove them. Should the traps need to be reset due to further activity or moved to another area it will mean another visit on day three.If moles are still being caught after day three I will continue trapping until no more moles are being caught.You will only be charged per mole not a per visit rate.

Q.What if more mole activity appears after the traps are removed?

There is alway risk of another mole moving into your garden as the mole runs will remain, and if it was a suitable home for the mole/moles I caught then it will be suitable for other moles. However some properties will not have another mole for years.I always allow a 7 day activity free window for recalls for which you will only be charged per mole caught, after which the the problem will be treated as a new job.          








  If you have any questions call Rob on 01227 363881 / 07936416637 or email

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